Conair (UK) Ltd has gained a considerable amount of experience and knowledge while operating within railway infrastructure environments and understands the important procedures required to work within safety critical areas.

The company has worked extensively upon facilities for London Underground Limited (with whom our Managing Director has well over 25 years of personal experience) and also undertaken various projects for infrastructure clients within the wider domain of national rail.

Our personnel are specifically trained and certified to the very highest industry standards, as rightly demanded by the train operating and infrastructure companies with whom we are pleased to work.

Just some examples of work we have carried out in rail environments include the full installation of cooling systems serving accommodation and secure (signalling, switch and communications) equipment rooms, the fitting of substantial Air Blast Coolers throughout stations across London, the replacement of large pump sets, retro-fitting components to rejuvenate various existing R22 containing equipment throughout a range of major station locations, the installation of WC sanitary wear and other refurbishments and the provision of mains water supplies to extensive and remote site office and welfare facilities.