Putting A Face To A Name

January 24th, 2017|

People have suggested that we produce a series introducing key members of the Conair UK Ltd team, so to kick things off, we start with Clare Hodgson.

If you call the office, it is highly likely that you will speak to Clare as your first point of contact.

Our busy Admin Manager is a key player in the day-to-day smooth running of the workload undertaken at our Rochford HQ.

Next time you call us on 01702 544344, don’t forget to say hello to Clare!

New Year Round Up

January 4th, 2017|

With another busy new year in prospect, it’s perhaps a good time to look back at some of the many achievements of 2016.

A wide ranging set of projects were successfully carried through to completion in the past year, for a range of clients in various industries.

On the educational side of things, a major London University now has the benefit of a laboratory block fitted with modern and efficient air conditioning over four floors of the substantial building.

Elsewhere on the campus, the full refurbishment of a large restaurant and kitchen saw the entire facility stripped back to the building shell and the complete refitting of all services, fixtures, fittings, decorations and furnishings. – Our professional approach to project management expands well beyond our traditional HVAC roots – Ask us for details!

A transportation-based client engaged us to perform a major HVAC asset energy efficiency survey, which saw us undertaking investigative inspections at a huge number of locations across London.

The resultant information contained within the subsequent reports can now be used to advise means of achieving greater efficiency and financial savings.

Also within the sphere of Public Transport, we were able to carry out a major mid-life intervention project within critical Power Sub-Station environments.

Our specially trained engineering team undertook the mechanical refurbishment of Air Handling Plant in locations where this equipment was essential to the operation of electrical transformers and rectifiers.

The work involved the replacement of motors, pulleys, belts, fan shaft bearings and all associated items.

Whilst we were at it, we carried out a full metallurgical survey of all spindles and shafts too!

Through the process of quality planning that marks us out from our competitors, we were able to complete these works without issue or disruption and ensure that the Air Handling Units are fit for the future.

Working in liaison with Thames Water, we undertook to fit a new water main system to Camden Town London Underground Station.

This was a substantial task involving coordinating our internal works with major external below street excavations being carried out by the Water Board.

A brand new copper main had to be in place prior to the disconnection and strip out of old lead pipework and all of this had to be undertaken without any major disruption to water supply services, which would have caused the closure of the station. – Job done!

Numerous other works were also carried out across various Healthcare, Commercial, Educational and Railway locations.

Want to find out why we continue to be in such high demand by such discerning important clients?

Contact Steve Elford for a chat today!

Discuss, Design, Discuss, Deliver & Delight! (How Our Style of Project Management Really Works)

November 3rd, 2016|

Client: “So, it’s the end of the educational year and we’ve got a refectory space and kitchen area that takes up the entire second floor of a wing of a substantial building which requires a complete strip back to its bare concrete shell and fully refitting with modern services, fixtures, fittings and decoration”.

Us: “Sounds OK……”

Client: “Oh, and the rest of the building will still be occupied by research fellows, carrying out critical work that must not be disturbed by your project.”

Us: “We can do that.”

Client “Oh, and you’ve to get it back in commission so that the facilities are fully worked up and its staff fully trained in their new surroundings before the students return at the start of the new semester.”

Us: “No Problem!”

Such is the situation that we were challenged with managing when a prominent London University recently called upon the Project Management services of Conair UK Ltd.

We established our client’s “need-to-haves and like-to-haves” through a series of fact gathering meetings and came up with a series of conceptual proposals which were supported by the latest state-of-the-art creative CAD imagery, which allowed our client to see what the end result would look like, long before any physical work had begun.

Conair UK Ltd’s experience in managing complex works saw the careful coordination of numerous trades, all undertaking a multitude of tasks and with the flexibility to be able to scope and facilitate any changes in requirements as they were requested by the client, throughout the life of the project.

The results of all our hard work was the delivery of a great looking refurbishment, on budget and ahead of time.

Oh yes, and very happy clients!

Visit our Project Management page to see a more detailed Case Study of this project.

Safety First – In Confidence, With Confidence!

January 8th, 2016|

Safety is without question the most important element when considering how to undertake any work.

We do all we can to ensure that risks are fully assessed and control measures are applied before any project starts.

However, things change and issues can arise beyond the control of our remit and due to outside influence.

Everyone engaged in work for Conair UK Ltd has an obligation to actively ensure the safety of both themselves and those around them.

This is why Conair UK Ltd are supportive members of the CIRAS confidential reporting scheme for safety.

All personnel are encouraged to advise the relevant responsible person of any issues which they feel may compromise safety and pose a danger to themselves or others.

​If they feel for any reason that they are unable to effect change through ordinary channels, then CIRAS exists as an independent body who will take on safety concerns immediately and in complete confidence.

The guarantee of anonymity which CIRAS provides means that safety issues can be reported and resolved without fear of victimisation, discrimination or intimidation.

If you would like to know more about CIRAS, visit www.ciras.org.uk .

Conair UK Ltd Delivers The Full Package

November 23rd, 2015|

This year, Conair UK Ltd carried out a package of works which has seen the major strip out of a client’s existing heating, cooling and ventilation plant and equipment, including boilers, pumps, concrete plinths, R22 chillers, water pipes, gas pipes, ductwork and fan coil units.

These were then replaced with state of the art smart air handling and ventilation system, plus a centrally controlled air conditioning system.

The substantial loft space above the building was also insulated with over 600 square metres of hi-tec space blanket type lagging, once all mechanical and electrical works were completed.

This installation means that our client will be able to enjoy efficient and reliable cooling, heating and ventilation for many years to come.

We also enjoyed leaving the client with a fully refurbished plant room, which is a stark contrast to the dark and dirty space it was before!

Below are images of the refurbished plant room as the project nears completion.

Providing Mains Water To Keep The Job Moving

November 3rd, 2015|

As part of a significant phase of National Rail infrastructural works, one of our clients had a requirement to provide long-term temporary water services to a range of office and welfare facilities, upon a very substantial and remote site.

Engineers from Conair UK Ltd were engaged to provide a network of MDPE pipework to serve the various locations around the site.

Once the mains connection was established and checked to be leak free, the entire system was lagged with high grade exterior insulation, to provide frost protection.

Cooling Water Systems Protected From Winter Chills

August 26th, 2015|

As the Autumn begins to turn into Winter, the maintainer of chilled water cooling systems thoughts turn to the potential damage of frozen coils and pipes.

Protecting your system in advance of a cold snap is highly advisable and of late, we have seen a number of our clients calling upon our services to top up the anti-freeze levels within their cooling water systems.

Analysing the existing level of protection and given the size of the system, we are able to estimate an approximate amount anti-freeze that is required to be added.

Final analysis of the chemical dosing leads to “fine tuning” of levels to leave the system containing a water and anti-freeze mixture of the desired Refractive Index.

This allows the system to operate without fear of freezing during the worst expected extremes during the Winter.

Another dose of anti-freeze being delivered to our client’s site is shown below.

Pumps Exchanged Without Fuss Or ​Worry…

March 25th, 2015|

As part of a major upgrade to a cooling system, a number of life expired water circulatory pumps were recently replaced at one of our client’s most important locations.

This location contains equipment that necessitates constant cooling to maintain its safe operation,
requiring us to both plan and phase the exchange of pumps in such a way that all cooling circuits would always remain operational, with a known and reliable pump working at all times.

Where the circuits contained a run and standby pump, the new pump was fitted in place of one old pump and “run in” to prove its reliability prior to the second exchange taking place. This added slightly to the overall time-scale of the project, but obviously maintained essential duty as well as giving assurance of the continuity of service.

Each new pump required adaptor pieces to be fabricated to allow modern units to fit into the spaces vacated by the redundant ones.
This pump exchange sees modern, energy efficient equipment now in service and providing reliable circulation to equipment within temperature critical areas.

This planning of this project and its execution is indicative of Conair UK Ltd’s flexible approach to programming and undertaking work to the best needs of our clients.

Contact us for more details…..

The image displayed opposite shows the new pumps after being fitted in place.

– All undertaken without any disruption to duty.

For Your Information….

February 5th, 2015|

In response to a number of recent requests for information regarding the current legislation relating to the use of refrigerant gasses, we thought it worthwhile to recommend looking at the Government’s advice portal at GOV.UK.

Here you will find the latest details regarding the banning of R22 Gas for re-charging equipment, plus information about many of the other legal responsibilities and regulations which owners of Air Conditioning products containing refrigerant gasses are obliged to be aware of.

Click on the logo below to go directly to GOV.UK

Multi-Modal Liaison Delivers Results At London Bridge

December 19th, 2014|

Essential works to temporarily and then permanently relocate a dry cooler at busy London Bridge Station necessitated some very careful planning, as it required the temporary closure of both bus stands and taxi ranks.

Added to this, the dry cooler was required to be back in service as soon as possible, to maintain continuity of cooling duty to the various essential temperature critical areas of the Underground Station.

A limited time was allowed for us to proceed with these works, which were carried out on a Saturday when a local football derby would see afternoon passenger traffic at the station become very heavy.

Given a deadline of needing to be off-site by 3pm, the use of our careful and experienced preparations allowed us to actually be on our way well before lunchtime!
As the footie fans may have said, “What a result!”