Air Handling Plant Takes Shape

June 14th, 2019|

A recent installation saw the delivery and final assembly of significant sections of custom-designed Air Handling Units.

They were lifted by crane to the roof of an office complex where it was connected to a large system of fixed ductwork which we had fitted in place to serve all floors.

Also fitted was a Mitsubishi condenser unit which was coupled to the AHU to provide conditioned air throughout.

A major programme of control upgrades brings the existing building services in line with the new equipment and means that all systems can be operated in unison, eliminating clashes in heating and cooling and bringing about a massive enhancement in efficiency and long-term economic benefit.

The completion of the project will give the premises a fit-for-the-future HVAC system which also improves the ambient atmosphere for all those working within.

T.A.B. (Test, Adjust, Balance)

April 26th, 2019|

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (T.A.B.) are the three major steps used to achieve the proper operation of HVAC systems.

Testing is the use of specialist calibrated instruments to measure the velocity and/or volume of air and/or water for an evaluation of equipment and system performance.

Adjusting is the final setting of devices such as dampers and valves, adjusting fan and pump settings and the setting of parameters of automatic control devices such as thermostats and differential pressure switches to achieve maximum specified performance and efficiency.

Balancing is the regulation of flows (air or water) to achieve the desired or specified design air or water flow. The terminal with the least amount of flow in regards to the engineer’s drawing is first identified. All other diffusers/grilles (air) or circuit balancing valves (water) are then systematically adjusted to proportionally balance with the original “low” terminal. There must be at least one terminal that is wide open to achieve optimum efficiency.

Generally, this procedure is carried out as part of the Commissioning Programme following the installation of new systems, but it can also become necessary if an existing system has been subjected to modification, or if zoned spaces served are subsequently resized or subdivided in some way.

Balancing is usually based upon the design flow values established by the Mechanical Design Engineer for the project, and a report is submitted which summarizes the testing and balancing and notes any deficiencies found.

Conair UK Ltd are happy to discuss and arrange your commissioning and T.A.B. requirements.

​Contact us to find out more.

Delivering Quality Installations ​- Effectively, Efficiently and Economically!

February 15th, 2019|

Promising the best job, at the best price and in the shortest time is only worth doing if you can actually deliver.

Yet again, this is something that we have proven to one of our major clients within the railway sector.

The brief was to totally replace a location’s HVAC systems with minimal disruption to station operations.

This involved the decommissioning and removal of numerous items of Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment, making good and the installation of modern state-of-the-art replacement kit.

We arrived on a Monday morning and by the end of the Friday of the same week, we had departed site with all works completed and commissioned to the satisfaction of the client.

All works had been carried out during normal traffic hours and due to our unique style of co-operative working and knowledge of the operational needs of the railway, no adverse effects were felt by station staff or the services they provide.

Oh, we reckon the installation was a thing of beauty too!

The View From A Train…..

January 11th, 2019|

The next time you find yourself heading south on the Jubilee Line, look to your right just as you emerge from the tunnel into Bond Street Station. There you will see two Air Conditioning condensers mounted within a custom-built cage enclosure, all colour-matched to fit in with the surrounding iconic London Underground blue tiling.

This enclosure has been designed to allow the free passage of air, yet provide security against debris and the potential placement of suspicious packages.

Working with a small artisan metalworking company, the mesh, solid panels and supporting struts were cut and painted prior to being taken to site in kit form, allowing their installation around the previously painted and fitted Condensers to be carried out in just one single Engineering Hours shift.

Crossrail Takes Us Under The City

November 1st, 2018|

Work on London’s new Crossrail Route “The Elizabeth Line” has taken us deep below the streets of the City’s historic “Square Mile”.

Whilst international financial dealings carry on above our heads, we have been busy installing sophisticated cooling technology in secure underground rooms which will eventually contain temperature critical signal and communication equipment that will ensure the safe and efficient running of the new line.

It is a proud achievement to have been invited to be involved in a project of such international standing and also to be able to say that we are assisting in the building of world-class infrastructure that will serve London for generations to come.

TfL Upgrades Assets with 4LM Project

August 8th, 2018|

Conair UK Ltd has been pleased to have been able to assist with Transport for London’s Four Lines Modernisation Project.

We rolled out a series of HVAC installations within new Signal Equipment and Switch Rooms across the existing shared network.

The 4LM Project aims to upgrade facilities and technology along the Metropolitan, District, Circle, Hammersmith & City lines and is a major step in turning some of the capital’s oldest routes into modern lines which use the latest equipment.

The technology being introduced has already been tried and tested on the Jubilee and Northern Lines and should result in more frequent and reliable services for passengers.

Hit the map below to learn more about the 4LM Project from TfL.

Fitting Out, Fit For The Future!

July 7th, 2017|

With its rail services transferred to TfL London Overground, Theobolds Grove Station has seen an amazing increase in passenger usage in the last two years.

With this rise in footfall and farebox revenue comes an urgent need to upgrade the Station’s facilities for both its staff and passengers alike.

We have been carrying out major installations of HVAC equipment, as well as the various plumbing adaptations required, to make this location capable of seeing further increases in passenger numbers well into the future.

Giving Water Mains A Boost…

June 5th, 2017|

Conair UK Ltd have recently completed works to install an extensive Boosted Cold Water Main network in an area of new sidings being constructed as part of the Crossrail Project.
This is the first of a programme of such installations which will provide new standpipes for the servicing of stabled rolling stock.

The project calls for pipework of various differing materials to be installed. according to local environmental factors and applications and also includes the provision of booster pump sets, trace heating to above ground sections and specialist insulation and weather-proofing.

​The picture shows one of our technicians installing Protectaline MDPE pipe upon a sand bed, with a further detectable trace laid upon a layer of sand above this. This pipe run is being laid to ensure it maintains a required depth below final finished track level. due to deviations in the natural ground level, this also meant laying the pipe in a trench, further along its length.

Further Recognition of Excellence

February 3rd, 2017|

World-leading manufacturer of Air Conditioning equipment, Mitsubishi Electric have again recognised the quality of work carried out by Conair UK Ltd by declaring the company a Business Solutions Partner – Air Conditioning Systems.
Designed to raise industry standards, Mitsubishi Electric’s Partner Programme assures end users of a consistently high level of installation and after sales service that supports their systems.

To be eligible to join the scheme in the first instance, partners must comply with the necessary building regulations and meet specific industry, programme and CSR standards.

The Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme includes training and facilitates and promotes qualifying companies as part of their ongoing aim to drive the industry forward.

Mitsubishi Electric recognises the importance of forging lasting relationships with professional companies who install their equipment and Conair UK Ltd are very pleased to qualify for such selection.

As a Partner, Conair UK Ltd shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that we continue to meet the required standards that makes us eligible to be part of the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme.

We look forward to delivering quality services to our customers in the reassuring knowledge that we are recognised by Mitsubishi Electric for doing just that!

Stop Press – We’ve Something To Shout About

January 26th, 2017|

We are incredibly happy to say that we have been audited by RISQS and have been awarded the prestigious number of 5 Stars for our quality and safety systems.

A 5 Star Rating is the highest award available within the Rail Industry and we are extremely proud to receive it.
The top rating is the result of the enormous commitment which all members of the Conair UK Ltd team apply to making the services offered by the company the very best they can be.

The Auditor’s 5 Star rating proves that our hard work is being rewarded and shows Conair UK Ltd as being rated alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.