Promising the best job, at the best price and in the shortest time is only worth doing if you can actually deliver.

Yet again, this is something that we have proven to one of our major clients within the railway sector.

The brief was to totally replace a location’s HVAC systems with minimal disruption to station operations.

This involved the decommissioning and removal of numerous items of Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment, making good and the installation of modern state-of-the-art replacement kit.

We arrived on a Monday morning and by the end of the Friday of the same week, we had departed site with all works completed and commissioned to the satisfaction of the client.

All works had been carried out during normal traffic hours and due to our unique style of co-operative working and knowledge of the operational needs of the railway, no adverse effects were felt by station staff or the services they provide.

Oh, we reckon the installation was a thing of beauty too!