Conair UK Ltd have recently completed works to install an extensive Boosted Cold Water Main network in an area of new sidings being constructed as part of the Crossrail Project.
This is the first of a programme of such installations which will provide new standpipes for the servicing of stabled rolling stock.

The project calls for pipework of various differing materials to be installed. according to local environmental factors and applications and also includes the provision of booster pump sets, trace heating to above ground sections and specialist insulation and weather-proofing.

​The picture shows one of our technicians installing Protectaline MDPE pipe upon a sand bed, with a further detectable trace laid upon a layer of sand above this. This pipe run is being laid to ensure it maintains a required depth below final finished track level. due to deviations in the natural ground level, this also meant laying the pipe in a trench, further along its length.