World-leading manufacturer of Air Conditioning equipment, Mitsubishi Electric have again recognised the quality of work carried out by Conair UK Ltd by declaring the company a Business Solutions Partner – Air Conditioning Systems.
Designed to raise industry standards, Mitsubishi Electric’s Partner Programme assures end users of a consistently high level of installation and after sales service that supports their systems.

To be eligible to join the scheme in the first instance, partners must comply with the necessary building regulations and meet specific industry, programme and CSR standards.

The Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme includes training and facilitates and promotes qualifying companies as part of their ongoing aim to drive the industry forward.

Mitsubishi Electric recognises the importance of forging lasting relationships with professional companies who install their equipment and Conair UK Ltd are very pleased to qualify for such selection.

As a Partner, Conair UK Ltd shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that we continue to meet the required standards that makes us eligible to be part of the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme.

We look forward to delivering quality services to our customers in the reassuring knowledge that we are recognised by Mitsubishi Electric for doing just that!