With another busy new year in prospect, it’s perhaps a good time to look back at some of the many achievements of 2016.

A wide ranging set of projects were successfully carried through to completion in the past year, for a range of clients in various industries.

On the educational side of things, a major London University now has the benefit of a laboratory block fitted with modern and efficient air conditioning over four floors of the substantial building.

Elsewhere on the campus, the full refurbishment of a large restaurant and kitchen saw the entire facility stripped back to the building shell and the complete refitting of all services, fixtures, fittings, decorations and furnishings. – Our professional approach to project management expands well beyond our traditional HVAC roots – Ask us for details!

A transportation-based client engaged us to perform a major HVAC asset energy efficiency survey, which saw us undertaking investigative inspections at a huge number of locations across London.

The resultant information contained within the subsequent reports can now be used to advise means of achieving greater efficiency and financial savings.

Also within the sphere of Public Transport, we were able to carry out a major mid-life intervention project within critical Power Sub-Station environments.

Our specially trained engineering team undertook the mechanical refurbishment of Air Handling Plant in locations where this equipment was essential to the operation of electrical transformers and rectifiers.

The work involved the replacement of motors, pulleys, belts, fan shaft bearings and all associated items.

Whilst we were at it, we carried out a full metallurgical survey of all spindles and shafts too!

Through the process of quality planning that marks us out from our competitors, we were able to complete these works without issue or disruption and ensure that the Air Handling Units are fit for the future.

Working in liaison with Thames Water, we undertook to fit a new water main system to Camden Town London Underground Station.

This was a substantial task involving coordinating our internal works with major external below street excavations being carried out by the Water Board.

A brand new copper main had to be in place prior to the disconnection and strip out of old lead pipework and all of this had to be undertaken without any major disruption to water supply services, which would have caused the closure of the station. – Job done!

Numerous other works were also carried out across various Healthcare, Commercial, Educational and Railway locations.

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