Client: “So, it’s the end of the educational year and we’ve got a refectory space and kitchen area that takes up the entire second floor of a wing of a substantial building which requires a complete strip back to its bare concrete shell and fully refitting with modern services, fixtures, fittings and decoration”.

Us: “Sounds OK……”

Client: “Oh, and the rest of the building will still be occupied by research fellows, carrying out critical work that must not be disturbed by your project.”

Us: “We can do that.”

Client “Oh, and you’ve to get it back in commission so that the facilities are fully worked up and its staff fully trained in their new surroundings before the students return at the start of the new semester.”

Us: “No Problem!”

Such is the situation that we were challenged with managing when a prominent London University recently called upon the Project Management services of Conair UK Ltd.

We established our client’s “need-to-haves and like-to-haves” through a series of fact gathering meetings and came up with a series of conceptual proposals which were supported by the latest state-of-the-art creative CAD imagery, which allowed our client to see what the end result would look like, long before any physical work had begun.

Conair UK Ltd’s experience in managing complex works saw the careful coordination of numerous trades, all undertaking a multitude of tasks and with the flexibility to be able to scope and facilitate any changes in requirements as they were requested by the client, throughout the life of the project.

The results of all our hard work was the delivery of a great looking refurbishment, on budget and ahead of time.

Oh yes, and very happy clients!

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