As part of a major upgrade to a cooling system, a number of life expired water circulatory pumps were recently replaced at one of our client’s most important locations.

This location contains equipment that necessitates constant cooling to maintain its safe operation,
requiring us to both plan and phase the exchange of pumps in such a way that all cooling circuits would always remain operational, with a known and reliable pump working at all times.

Where the circuits contained a run and standby pump, the new pump was fitted in place of one old pump and “run in” to prove its reliability prior to the second exchange taking place. This added slightly to the overall time-scale of the project, but obviously maintained essential duty as well as giving assurance of the continuity of service.

Each new pump required adaptor pieces to be fabricated to allow modern units to fit into the spaces vacated by the redundant ones.
This pump exchange sees modern, energy efficient equipment now in service and providing reliable circulation to equipment within temperature critical areas.

This planning of this project and its execution is indicative of Conair UK Ltd’s flexible approach to programming and undertaking work to the best needs of our clients.

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The image displayed opposite shows the new pumps after being fitted in place.

– All undertaken without any disruption to duty.