After years of faithful service, the efficiency of your closed loop chilled water cooling system can become reduced.

This may be particularly noticeable with “inherited” equipment, where the previous maintenance provenance may be uncertain.

A look at the condition and quality of the water itself may indicate that a build-up of scale, rust, black-oxide sludge, or other particulates could be impeding water flow.

In a worse case scenario, this could lead to blockages within system critical components, such as Coils, Differential Pressure Switches or Plate Heat Exchangers.

The issue may already be so advanced that it is necessary to consider replacement of some of these components.

But wait.

Without fully alleviating the cause of the problem, any new component fitted may quickly follow suit and become blocked too.

And even the best maintained systems can hold pockets of contamination too.

If you are considering any major component replacement and want to ensure the maximum longevity for new parts, we suggest the fitting of a temporary filtration unit, prior to any works taking place, can be beneficial.

We have recently been undertaking a major project of component replacement for a client with multiple sites, where temporary in-line filtration has captured particles which otherwise may have reduced the efficiency and life-span of the newly fitted parts.

The temporary filtration units we use are provided with integral pumps which can provide additional flushing power if necessary.

The additional benefits of the use of such filtration is that it allows the cooling equipment to remain operational whilst the cleaning process is in progress, as well as allowing you to retain levels of inhibitor and anti-freeze within the system, which would otherwise require expensive (and often awkward) replacement.