A government agency client recently approached us with an adiabatic lime scale problem on a huge scale!

We were asked to investigate a means of restoring two large twelve fan adiabatic coolers without the cost implications that their replacement would bring.

Where others had failed, we undertook initial investigations followed by discussions and site trials alongside the UK’s pre-eminent producer of air conditioning cleaning and maintenance chemicals.

The result was the application of a specially formulated powerful de-scaling solution which cleverly dissolves the hard-water lime scale, whilst not harming the delicate copper coils or aluminium fins.

The treatment is expected to restore airflow rates through the coils and reduce head pressure, making the system more reliable and efficient.

If you would like to find out how our trained engineers can solve your adiabatic lime scale problems, get in touch with Steve Elford via the contact methods shown on this website.

Typical images taken before, during and after treatment with de-scaling chemical.